Grammar 101: How to punctuate dialogue and quotations

There are so many considerations in how to punctuate dialogue or quotations that writers often throw their hands up in despair; however, with a little patience and attention to detail, you can minimise your frustration and produce a professional document that is punctuated correctly, and more importantly, easy to understand. So, where to start? Firstly,Continue reading “Grammar 101: How to punctuate dialogue and quotations”

Grammar 101: Using capital letters effectively.

Deciding when to use capitals in your writing can be a bit of a fraught issue. Do we use capitals for people’s job titles? What about book titles? There are a couple of ways to go about deciding this, but my first rule of thumb is: Use capitals sparingly or they can annoy the reader.Continue reading “Grammar 101: Using capital letters effectively.”

Grammar 101: ‘Lay’ or ‘lie’?

In my teaching, I often find students confusing the two words ‘lay’ and ‘lie’. It seems to me, that as we’ve forgotten the difference between these two words, we use the one that sounds more polite (and doesn’t imply that someone is telling an untruth). Hence, I regularly read manuscripts that read: ‘The doctor askedContinue reading “Grammar 101: ‘Lay’ or ‘lie’?”