Did you know that poor writing might be the reason you’re being overlooked for promotion?

According to a study by Grammarly of 100 LinkedIn profiles:

✨ Professionals whose profiles contained fewer mistakes also achieved higher positions.

✨ Those who failed to progress made more than twice as many grammar mistakes as their peers.

✨Fewer grammar errors were linked to more promotions.

So, if you want to catch that next break, you should consider upgrading your writing skills with some professional development, like my Better Business Documents workshop.

Better Business Documents: a tailored writing workshop

Better Business Documents is a full-day writing workshop for people who are on the go.

People who don’t have time to waste hearing about generic business writing.

That’s why I use specific case studies and examples from your own industry, so you can hit the ground running with documents ready to go.

Learn to write reports, proposals, emails, web copy – all your important documents

This interactive workshop helps you to clarify your objectives so you can write for your own business.

You’ll create a plan of what you want your important documents to say and how to write them, including what actions you want your intended audience to take after reading.

You’ll learn a range of techniques in a step-by-step process so you’ll create better business documents every time.

… And you’ll be able to apply this process to everything you write from board reports to business proposals and emails.

When you need lasting results, Better Business Documents is the writing workshop for you.

What makes my workshops different?

I provide judgement-free support

You can rest assured that any gaps in your writing skills will be addressed in a caring and professional manner.

I know where you’re coming from

Having worked in this area for over twenty years, I know the major pitfalls in business writing and can help guide you to templates, strategies and resources to improve your writing.

Tailored workshops are my speciality

I never adopt the ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Every workshop takes into account your background, experience and industry.

You can trust that I will deliver training that meets your needs.

Book your whole team and I’m 100% yours

When you book your team into a workshop with me, you have my full attention. You are never ‘just another client.’

As a sole trader, my training is flexible to suit your schedule.

…and I provide ongoing support after each workshop to review the outcomes and embed learning.

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