Manuscript Assessments coming soon!

From June 2023, I’ll be offering Intensive Manuscript Assessments. Until then, I’m getting all my assessment ducks in a row.  

Features, Benefits and Advantages

Features, Benefits and Advantages In a previous article, I talked about Features and Benefits and how clients buy Benefits, not Features. If you’re already doing that in your web copy, socials and printed materials, take a bow. You’re way ahead of your competitors. But if you want to make compelling offers your ideal customers can’t…

Passive to Active voice: Case study

Changing passive voice to active voice If you’ve ever written a report that’s left even you falling asleep as you check for errors, chances are you wrote it in the passive voice. Here’s a case study showing you how to change passive to active voice. Here are two paragraphs that say exactly the same thing….

Passive voice…and zombies

What is passive voice? Before we discuss passive voice and Zombies, let’s look at what passive voice is. Passive voice a way of writing that indicates an action is being done to someone or something. It’s commonly used in scientific and offical documents.¬†For example: 1 litre of water was heated to 900C. 9g of NaCl…

Two writing tools I can’t live without

Two writing tools I can’t live without I’m often asked which two writing tools I can’t live without in my work as a copywriter and writing coach, so I’ve outlined them below.