Picture Book Mentorship Packages

Every writer needs feedback on their writing, but finding someone you can trust to give you that advice is hard, which is why I offer picture book mentorships.

Case study: How I helped Create Clarity for Chef Belle

I recently helped create clarity for a chef, let’s call her ‘Chef Belle’. Chef Belle is a bubbly chef who knows her stuff. She has a thriving cooking school in Queensland, often appears on local TV, has a fabulous YouTube channel and has won numerous accolades for entrepreneurship. What was the challenge? When she was…

‘Each’ or ‘Every’? Cheat Sheet

Download the Cheat Sheet here, so you’ll always remember when to use each and every. Each vs Every Cheat Sheet  

Grammar 101: Each or Every?

Do I even English? If you’re a native English speaker like me , you probably just write without thinking. The rules of English that you absorbed as a child and at school are never questioned. You speak the way you were taught and know something is right because it sounds right. It’s only when you are…

Picture Book Assessments

Written a picture book and need some professional feedback?
If so, then my picture book manuscript assessments are just the ticket.
Having reviewed hundreds of picture books over the years, I know there’s not one ‘special sauce’ that makes a picture book a classic, but I do know it can take any form and come from experienced as well as new writers.