Content Creation

When it comes to writing promotional copy, a set of operating instructions or a board report, many of us find the idea overwhelming. We ask ourselves, What if I get it wrong? What if nobody understands what I’m saying? What if nobody reads it?

So, we put the task off or cut and paste the most recent version hoping no one will notice. That’s fine up to a point. Until what you present to your audience is a mish-mash of content, fonts and styles. This is why I offer tailored content creation services, including advice on how to improve your business documents. My focus is on using plain English to take complex ideas and communicate them to a range of audiences, from the cleaner to the CEO and everyone in between, without losing nuance or context.

When you engage me, you access my twenty-plus years of experience across business, training, university teaching and publishing. I not only know the theory behind what I do but also the practical applications, both as a manager and author. This is why my approach is to work with clients to understand their organisation, clients and people so I can deliver content that meets their specific needs. I’m naturally curious and am always trying to learn more about how people think, how their businesses operate and how they serve their customers and clients. And I write a pretty mean board report.

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