If you write for your clients, read this hack

If you write for your clients, do these three things before you publish your client-facing content

One of the areas I like to work in is the medical and allied health fields, as I’ve spent a lot of time recently trying to decipher medical information (don’t ask), but this hack applies equally to any industry. In all your client-facing content, the key thing you’re after is clarity. So:

  1. Check you’re not using too much jargon. Jargon is fine when you’re talking to other experts; it’s actually a great ‘shorthand’ for them, but most people won’t understand it.
  2. Use images to support your words. An image of a clogged artery is more effective than saying ‘atherosclerosis’. Similarly, an image of a window or door is going to make more sense than ‘fenestration.’
  3. Think about the reason for the document – are you giving general information about a condition or fine details of an intricate treatment? Or are you asking for consent? A booking?

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