Copywriting For Email/Nurture Sequence

Whether you’re a start-up or have been operating for twenty years, you know your business best.

You also know that your website, brochures, blogs and socials all need to work together to share your story and connect with your clients.

But it’s hard to focus on writing about your business when you’re already snowed under with your own work in the business. So, what do you do?

You contact a professional.

That’s me.

Writing is my happy place

It really is. Which is why I love to create clear, engaging and accurate content that cuts though the marketing clutter. When you take those tasks off your ‘To do’ list and put them onto mine, you’ll not only save time so you can get back to doing your real job, but you’ll also reach more clients.

Copywriting For Email/Nurture Sequence

One of the best ways to nurture potential clients from completely unaware to ready to buy is to educate them about the benefits of your products or services. A targeted email sequence is a tried and tested way of doing just that. But email sequences can be pushy, too salesy or just pitched wrong. That’s when you need an expert.

Someone like me.

Let me help you to reach more clients.

Reach more clients

Reaching more clients gives your business a greater impact, so you can do more…with less stress.

Imagine how much fun it would be to:

  • focus on all the great ideas you have for your business instead of wrestling with words.
  • leave ‘work’ at work once you shut down your computer
  • be able to play with your pet hamster instead of trying to come up with email copy on a Sunday afternoon.


  • 5-email nurture sequence
  • Ideal for lead magnet download or product launch
  • Lead magnet / sales page can be added for an additional cost
  • Take clients from brand introduction to purchase in 5 easy steps.