An in-depth writing workshop for those who want to develop the skills to communicate effectively and accurately in their workplace

In this fun and informative workshop, you’ll learn how to break free from old writing habits and develop new ones.

You’ll learn how to avoid and fix common mistakes, so you’ll never be embarrassed about your writing again.

And you’ll be able to apply this process to everything you write from board reports to business proposals to emails.

Don’t worry; you won’t be given humiliating grammar tests or ridiculed for not understanding obscure punctuation rules.

My approach is that, while it is important to Know And Follow The Rules (note the capital letters), there is no point in doing that if your message gets lost or you sound like a pompous fool.
So, I focus on clarity, and explore how sometimes it’s okay to break a rule for a specific effect or to suit a particular audience.

I work with you so can learn to trust your instincts and confidently use reliable resources to check things when you’re not sure.

What makes my workshops different?

I provide judgement-free support

Your people can rest assured that any weaknesses in their writing skills will be addressed in a caring and professional manner.

I know where they’re coming from

Having worked in this area for over twenty years, I know the major pitfalls in business writing and can help guide your staff to templates, strategies and resources to improve their writing.

Tailored workshops are my speciality

I never adopt the ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Every workshop takes into account your people, their backgrounds, experience and industry.

You can trust that I will deliver training that meets your people’s needs.

I’m 100% yours

When you arrange a workshop with me, you have my full attention. You are never ‘just another client.’

As a sole trader, my training is flexible to suit your schedule.

…and I provide ongoing support after each workshop to review the outcomes and embed learning.


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