Grammar and punctuation without tears

In this fun and informative two-day workshop, we take an in-depth look at how English works and explore communication at the sentence level.

Don’t worry; you won’t be given humiliating grammar tests or ridiculed for not understanding obscure punctuation rules.

My approach is that, while it is important to Know And Follow The Rules (note the capital letters), there is no point in doing that if your message gets lost or you sound like a pompous fool. So, I focus on clarity, and explore how sometimes it’s okay to break a rule for a specific effect or to suit a particular audience.

I work with you so you understand how the tiny details of the right word or punctuation mark in the right place can make your writing sing.



Your Investment

Two-day workshop (at your site)
$2,000 for up to 10 participants​

What you provide

  • Workshop room
  • Data projector and internet access
  • Release time for employees to complete their workshop

What I provide

  • All training materials
  • Delivery of workshop
  • Evaluation of workshop
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