Need professional feedback?

I’m a published author and educator with a passion for helping others. From Manuscript Assessments to Workshops or individual Mentoring, I’ve got you covered.

Need professional feedback?


Every writer needs feedback on their writing, but finding someone you can trust to give you that advice is hard, which is why I offer mentorships to writers at all stages of their careers.

I’ve helped professional writing and editing students write and refine their own work across a range of genres and reviewed countless picture books for Magpies Magazine over the years.

I enjoy being surprised by what other writers come up with…and, believe me, my students and mentees surprise me all the time. So, if you have a manuscript hidden in your ‘works in progress’ folder, why not dig it out, shake it off and share your ideas with me? I’d love to spend time helping you to develop your voice.

When you book a mentorship with me, you know you are going to receive:

  • professional and impartial feedback based on my decades of teaching and reviewing,
  • loads of advice on where your manuscript sits in the current Australian publishing landscape and
  • a clear, step by step action plan on what steps to take next.

My mentorships are for writers at any stage of their writing life. They are one-on-one feedback on your work and can cover all aspects of the writing process, from working on elements of your style to goal setting, keeping motivated and developing your strengths.

Mentorships are available in either one- or three-hour blocks, and are completely flexible, so you’re in control of what we discuss.

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