My Courses and Services

Effective Business Documents

Writing effective business documents doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does take a knowledge of certain techniques – and a little practice. This half-day Effective Business Documents workshop will coach you through a    range of proven planning, writing and reviewing processes that will help you create better business documents every time.

Objectives and outcomes

You will learn how to clarify the purpose of your documents and what actions you want your intended audience to take after reading them.

You will also get to know your own idiosyncrasies and discover ways to harness your strengths in document planning and reviewing.

Your business will see measurable benefit from improved clarity, purpose and design of business documents.

Critical and Creative Thinking

We all have our preferred ways of approaching problem- solving, but it’s sometimes necessary to use thinking strategies outside of our experience to solve difficult problems. This full-day highly interactive workshop will challenge you to use new thinking skills and apply them to a current business or personal project.

Objectives and outcomes

You will look at critical and creative thinking models and explore a range of different thinking techniques. You will also work on case studies and are welcome to bring examples from your own business.

Which word where?

Clear writing requires a strong understanding of what you’re writing, who it’s for and what outcomes you are hoping for. But it also requires an understanding of how the language works.

In this full-day workshop we take a grammar-focused approach to business writing and explore communication at the sentence level. Don’t be alarmed, you will not be given scores of humiliating grammar tests or exposed for not understanding tenses and parts of speech; rather, we will work together to understand how the tiny details of the right word or punctuation mark in the right place can add to the larger whole.

Objectives and outcomes

You will discover what techniques enhance clear writing and how to deal effectively with confusing words. You will also work through how correct grammar and punctuation can have a direct impact on your business success via case studies. You are also welcome to bring examples from your own business.

Your investment

Half-day workshops

$800 for up to 10 participants

Full-day workshops

$1200 for up to 10 participants

What I provide

  • All training materials
  • Delivery of workshops
  • Evaluation of workshops

What you provide

  • Workshop rooms
  • Data projector and internet access
  • Release time for employees to complete their workshops

Other options and services

Open workshops

If you wish to open your workshop to other businesses, groups, and organisations, I am happy to offer this service. Contact me about working with other small businesses in your area.

Tailored workshops

Workshops can be prepared specifically for your organisation. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this option. Tailored workshops include:

  • Analysis and assessment of your needs
  • Workshop development
  • All training materials
  • Implementation and delivery of workshops
  • Evaluation of workshops
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