Knowing what you’re writing and who your audience might be is the basis of this full-day creative writing clinic.

Learn how to structure your work, find your ‘voice’ as a nonfiction writer and where to find your audience.

Your Investment

Full-day workshop

For a short time only, at the special ‘COVID-19-ate-my-income’ price of $125

Dates, venues and times

Given current COVID-19 restrictions are starting to loosen up around the country, please contact me to be advised of new venues and dates.

What you should bring

  • Enthusiasm for your current draft
  • Pen and paper / laptop for note taking
  • Questions about nonfiction writing
  • Snacks and lunch.

What I provide

  • All training materials
  • Delivery of workshop
  • Inspiration to get you on the path to a final draft.
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