Editing and writing

​I offer a range of writing and editing services at affordable rates.
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Courses and workshops

Some of the many workshops I run are listed below. If what you are looking for isn’t listed or you would like further information, please contact me.

Effective Business Documents

Writing effective business documents doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does take a knowledge of certain techniques – and a little practice. This half-day Effective Business Documents workshop will coach you and your staff through a range of proven planning, writing and reviewing processes that will help you create better business documents every time.

Critical and creative thinking

We all have our preferred ways of approaching problem- solving, but it’s sometimes necessary to use thinking strategies outside of our experience to solve difficult problems. This full-day highly interactive workshop will challenge you to use new thinking skills and apply them to a current business or personal project.

Which word where?

Clear writing requires a strong understanding of what you’re writing, who it’s for and what outcomes you are hoping for. But it also requires an understanding of how the language works.

In this full-day workshop we take a grammar-focused approach to business writing and explore communication at the sentence level. Don’t be alarmed, you will not be given scores of humiliating grammar tests or exposed for not understanding tenses and parts of speech; rather, we will work together to understand how the tiny details of the right word or punctuation mark in the right place can add to the larger whole.

Life writing workshop

Learn how to create a life narrative that gives others a window in to your life experiences. This full-day workshop can be run for groups of 10 or more.

Exploring picture books (children)

Two-hour workshops for older primary school-aged children explore what makes picture books work, while one-hour sessions for pre-school and early primary school children include readings, songs and other activities.

Exploring picture books (for adults)

This highly-interactive full-day course looks at the best picture books being published today and what makes them tick. There are ample opportunities to workshop your ideas and you will leave with an action plan to take your work to the next stage.

After the first draft

One the writing is done, how do you critically evaluate your own work? How do you know if it is going to cut it? In this full-day workshop, we discuss how to review and edit your own work, the value of gaining different perspectives and other resources all writers need.

Dissecting the Frog*

In this full-day workshop we look at how the best writers draw you in to their work, how they use language and how to apply these techniques to your own writing.

*No frogs are harmed in the making of this course.

Grammar and punctuation without tears

This fun and informative two-day workshop is for anyone who writes and would like to improve their grammar and punctuation.

It can be run for groups of 10 or more.

My approach in terms of ‘correct’ grammar and punctuation is that, while knowing and adhering to the rules is important, it is much more important to get your message across. So, if it’s matter of clarity over rules, I will always opt for clarity.

Your investment

Half-day workshops (at your site)

$800 for up to 10 participants

Full-day workshops (at your site)

$1200 for up to 10 participants

What I provide

  • All training materials
  • Delivery of workshops
  • Evaluation of workshops

What you provide

  • Workshop rooms
  • Data projector and internet access
  • Release time for employees to complete their workshops

Open and shared workshops

If you wish to run your workshop in conjunction with other businesses, groups or organisations, I am happy to offer this service. Contact me about working with other small businesses in your area.

I also run open workshops for the general public. These will be advertised in my social media platforms and my blog.

To discuss school workshop prices, tailored workshops or to book, please contact me here.

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