Practical strategies to improve your writing start here.

When you work with me, you will draw on your deep knowledge of your business to communicate clearly, persuasively and professionally with your colleagues and clients.

You’ll learn step-by-step processes so you’ll never go off-topic again. And you’ll be able to apply these processes to everything you write from board reports to business proposals and emails.

Let’s talk about how I can help take you from frantic, frustrated and frazzled to clear, confident and capable.

Nonfiction Facts

Knowing what you’re writing and who your audience might be is the basis of this full-day creative writing clinic. Learn how to structure your work, find your ‘voice’ as a nonfiction writer and where ...

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Writing your Life

In this full-day clinic, we explore how ‘the facts’ and ‘truth’ are not necessarily the same thing, learn how to create a narrative that gives others a window into your life experiences and discover ways to en...

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Dissecting the Frog*

In this workshop we look at how the best writers draw you in to their work, how they use language and how to apply these techniques to your own writing. *No frogs are harmed in the making of this course.

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After the First Draft

One the writing is done, how do you critically evaluate your own work? How do you know if it is going to cut it? In this full-day workshop, we discuss how to review and edit your own work, the value of gaining differe...

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Exploring Picture Books

This highly-interactive full-day course looks at the best picture books being published today and what makes them tick. There are ample opportunities to workshop your ideas and you will leave with an action plan to ta...

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