What is technical writing?

Technical writing is taking complex ideas and writing about them in a way that is accurate, logical and accessible to a specific audience.  This is what I do.

So, if you need:

  • company or product brochures
  • staff policies and procedures
  • patient information sheets
  • annual reports
  • instruction manuals

…I can help.

Technical writing showcases your credibility

You may not realise this, but technical writing is about your brand. It’s a way to showcase your credibility in the market. And demonstrate your deep understanding of your customers.

So, when you write a document with the reader in mind, thinking about what state they’re likely to be in when they’re reading it, you’re showing you ‘get’ them…and that makes your business a trusted source of information.

Think about a parent staring at a bottle of children’s paracetamol at 2 in the morning. They’re not going to wade through complex instructions or a lovely origin story about how paracetamol was discovered.

They want to know how to calm and soothe their feverish 5-year-old right now. So, your product needs to show what dose their child needs at a glance.

Similarly, no-one wants to have assembly instructions so bad that their brand does the rounds of internet ‘epic fails’.

Technical writers understand these issues, which is why their documents are:

  • accurate,
  • concise and
  • readable.

Why I’m a good fit to write your technical documents

Technical writerI am a former science teacher and instructional designer. I’ve been the national buying training manager for Australia’s largest department store chain. And I’ve written books and training programs on water pollution and the environmental impacts of mining, as well as countless policies and procedures for a range of tertiary institutions and not-for-profit organisations.

I take the time to understand your organisation, research your industry and create technical documents that are fit for purpose…so you can get back to your real job and maybe even tick off a few of those career goals you’ve been meaning to get to.

Ready to start work on those technical documents? Use the form below to secure your spot in my schedule.

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