Technical Writing

What technical writing is (and isn’t)

Technical writing is taking things that are hard to understand and writing about them in a way that is accurate, logical and accessible to a specific audience.  This is what I do.

Technical documents I can create for you include:

  • staff policies and procedures
  • patient information sheets
  • annual reports
  • instruction manuals.

But technical writing isn’t only about getting the wording right on a procedure (although that’s very important). It’s also about your brand, and knowing who will be reading the document and what state they might be in when they’re reading it.

No-one wants their brand associated with a product whose assembly instructions put Step 3 before Step 2. And a parent staring at a bottle of children’s paracetamol at 2 in the morning  isn’t going to wade through complex instructions. They want to know what dose their feverish 5-year-old needs at a glance.

Technical writers understand these issues, which is why you may find their documents use visual elements such as charts, bullet points and break out boxes to make their content more readable.

Why I’m a good fit to write your technical documents

Technical writerI am a former science teacher and instructional designer. I’ve been the national buying training manager for Australia’s largest department store chain. And I’ve written books and training programs on water pollution and the environmental impacts of mining, as well as countless policies and procedures for a range of tertiary institutions and not-for-profit organisations.

I take the time to understand your organisation, research your industry and create technical documents that are fit for purpose.

And I do this at competitive rates.

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