Terms and Conditions

General Ts and Cs


The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal, business or financial advice. All information, content and materials available on this site are provided in good faith and for general informational purposes only.

This content may not be the latest or most up-to-date information but was correct at time of publication. The website contains links to other third-party websites which are only for the convenience of the browser. We do not recommend or endorse the contents of the third-party sites.

Visitors to this website should consult their own legal, business or financial professional to obtain advice with respect to any particular matter.


I acknowledge and respect your privacy when discussing sensitive information. Any and all information about a client’s business gained during a project will only be used for the purposes stated in the proposal and subsequent agreement. All documents provided by the client will be archived for a period of one (1) year, after which they will be deleted, unless otherwise agreed.


When I produce materials for your website or client-facing documents, you own that copy and may use it in any way you wish.

Materials produced by me in the course of any other project can only be used in the specific instances agreed to in the project scope. If you wish to further publish or distribute materials produced by me you must have prior written approval and pay an additional fee.


Any advice provided by me is given in good faith and based on my experience in the industry. My process is to offer my professional opinion and recommendations through consultation and an understanding of your business.

Outcomes, deliverables and time-frames are all set out in my proposals. However, I cannot be held responsible for delays or cost alterations that result from you not providing access to key staff or information as agreed. Whilst I make every reasonable attempt to provide options and materials that suit your business needs, I do not offer refunds should you not agree with my recommendations. Major alterations to scope and outcomes may also incur additional costs.


All  invoices must be paid within 14 days of receipt. Workshop fees must be paid in full upon booking.

I reserve the right to decline projects and payments at my sole discretion and without further correspondence.

Project delays

While I understand that sometimes clients may have pressures that impact on their ability to respond to project milestones, where a project is delayed by the client by more than 4 weeks without prior agreement, a re-acquaintance fee will apply. This fee reflects the additional time it takes for me to re-immerse myself in the project and the lost opportunity for other projects to be booked during the time-frame allocated to the delayed project. As at 1 March, 2024, this fee will be $440 (inc GST) or 10% of the total value of the project, whichever is lower.


Being able to show potential clients past work is a great way for me to showcase my skills. That’s why I regularly include content from all my projects in my portfolio and case studies. Having your work on my site is also great exposure for your business. However, I understand that you may prefer not to be included, so please let me know via email [email protected] before the project is completed so I don’t include your work inadvertently.

Workshop cancellations

The full course fee is payable on booking.

As  I am a solo trader, I do not have the ability to offer cancellation refunds. However, you may nominate another person to take your place. Please contact me to advise if this is the case.

In the case of non-attendance due to serious illness, I will offer a credit to the value of the amount paid. Credits are valid for twelve months from the date of the workshop and can be used for any of my services.

Please note I reserve the right to cancel any activity five working days prior to an event or course. Please contact me to confirm that your event will go ahead before booking travel or accommodation.

No refunds will be issued to participants who miss individual sessions or parts of sessions or do not complete the course.

I cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or expense sustained by participants as a result of an event or circumstance whether arising from natural cause, human agency, or beyond my control otherwise.

Covid-safe environment

You must abide by the relevant Covid-safe health directions in the state or territory your event is held in and also abide by the venue’s Covid-safe plan.

Additional Ts and Cs for Assessments


I acknowledge and respect the author’s copyright over their manuscript.

Copyright of my reports remains with me and cannot be published or otherwise used without prior written approval.

Submissions and Payment

Manuscripts are to be submitted in Word format via my web form.

Payment is required at submission.

Once your manuscript has been received, you will receive confirmation and an approximate completion date.


Every report I do is different, but as a guide, you can expect your assessment report to be between 2,000- 2,500 words.

Your report will include some annotation of the text for demonstration purposes, but copy editing is not part of any of my assessments unless this has been previously arranged and a fee paid.


Any advice provided by me is given in good faith.

Receiving an assessment does not guarantee publication of your writing. That said, my assessments may help you polish your work for submission to a commercial publisher.

I will not approach publishers on your behalf.

As a professional who has been in this business for over 20 years, I stand by my reports as considered professional opinion, based on my experience in the industry. I do not offer refunds should you not agree with my report.

I reserve the right to decline manuscripts and payments at my sole discretion without further correspondence.