Tips & Tricks

Better writing starts here.
If you need a quick writing hack, such as how to save time when editing a document, my ‘Tips and Tricks’ page is the best place to start.

Writing Clear Instructions

Or how thinking ‘inside the kitchen’ can help you create instructions fit for purpose. It might not be the most obvious thing to be grateful for, but every day I give thanks for poorly-written instructions...

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‘Different From’ Cheat Sheet

‘Different to’ or ‘Different from’? It’s easy to get confused about whether to use ‘different to’ or ‘different from.’ But with my cheat sheet below, remembering i...

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‘Lay’ or ‘Lie’ Cheat Sheet

Please don’t ask me to ‘Lay’ on the treatment table! I’ve spent a lot of time lately in medical professionals’ rooms (don’t ask!) and found this is a common mistake many practitione...

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