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If you need a quick writing hack, such as how to save time when editing a document, my ‘Tips and Tricks’ page is the best place to start.

Features, Benefits and Advantages

Features, Benefits and Advantages In a previous article, I talked about Features and Benefits and how clients buy Benefits, not Features. If you’re already doing that in your web copy, socials and printed materi...

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Passive to Active voice: Case study

Changing passive voice to active voice If you’ve ever written a report that’s left even you falling asleep as you check for errors, chances are you wrote it in the passive voice. Here’s a case study ...

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Passive voice…and zombies

What is passive voice? Before we discuss passive voice and Zombies, let’s look at what passive voice is. Passive voice a way of writing that indicates an action is being done to someone or something. It’s ...

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Case study: Clarity for Chef Belle

 Clarity is King Not sure if you need to create clarity? Ask yourself these  three questions. Do you struggle putting your ideas down on the page? Perhaps you have too many ideas and don’t know how to organis...

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