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Grammar 101: The greengrocer’s apostrophe

Now, don’t get me wrong; this is not a dig at greengrocers. Those hard-working people know lots more about fruit and veg than I do, so I don’t actually mind if they occasionally put an apostrophe in the wr...

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Grammar 101: ‘Fewer’ or ‘Less’?

This is another of those conundrums we all face when we are working with words. Do I say ‘fewer vases’ or ‘less vases’? The answer is simple: if you can count the items you are talking about, y...

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Grammar 101: ‘Lay’ or ‘Lie’?

In my work as a content specialist, I often find clients confusing the two words ‘lay’ and ‘lie’. It seems to me, that as we’ve forgotten the difference between these two words, we use th...

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Grammar 101: ‘Latter’ or ‘Last’

We are all familiar with the idea of something being good, something else being better, and a third thing being the best. Good is the positive form of the adjective, better is the comparative form and best is the supe...

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