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If you need a quick writing hack, such as how to save time when editing a document, my ‘Tips and Tricks’ page is the best place to start.

‘Lay’ or ‘Lie’ Cheat Sheet

Should your patient ‘Lay’ or ‘Lie’ on the treatment table? (Hint: It’s ‘Lie’ most of the time) Of course, English is a tricky beast, so there are times when it’s okay to...

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Feel, Felt, Found

Here’s a quick cheat sheet on ‘Feel, Felt, Found’ Those of you who found my last post on ‘Angry Customers Want to be Heard’ helpful might like to bookmark this.

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Angry customers want to be heard

We’ve all had an angry customer or staff member who says they’re very unhappy about a policy, product or procedure. Often the thing that they’re unhappy about is something that’s out of our control and you onl...

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Why aren’t they buying?

If you’re wondering why your customers aren’t buying the fantastic items you’re selling, maybe it’s not that your advertising spend wasn’t enough. It could be that you’re focussing on the WHAT the product ...

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