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If you need a quick writing hack, such as how to save time when editing a document, my ‘Tips and Tricks’ page is the best place to start.

Grammar 101: When to use Capital Letters

When do I use capital letters? Deciding when to use capitals in your writing can be a bit of a fraught issue. Do we use capitals for people’s job titles? What about book titles? There are a couple of ways to go ...

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Grammar 101: Adjectives are ordered

As a content creator, you may sometimes come across something you know is wrong, but can’t put your finger on why it’s wrong. This could be because you’ve forgotten an obscure grammar rule, or perhap...

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Writing groups

Submitting your work to others for their opinion can be daunting, even if they are offering their own work for the same treatment. You might feel anxious, defensive or embarrassed about your writing, or perhaps just u...

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How to use commas

Why learn how to use commas? Commas don’t bite. They are your friends, so take a few mintues to learn how to use them correctly. Not Because It’s Important. Not Because The Rules Of Grammar And Punctuation...

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