Web Blitz – a Content Check-Up

Wondering why your website isn’t creating sales?

Is Your Web Copy Doing its Job?

If your web copy isn’t converting to bookings, perhaps your content isn’t up to date or engaging. Perhaps it’s laid out in a way that doesn’t make sense to your ideal customer. Perhaps it’s not clear what you are offering your clients.

That’s where my Web Blitz content check-ups come in.

Yes! I need a content check up!

Marie Alafaci business writer

With a content check-up, I go over your content with a fine-toothed comb to analyse your copy for accuracy, flow and engagement.

I look at reasons people may not engage with your copy and make detailed suggestions for edits.

You’ll receive a document with ‘Before’ and ‘After’ copy so you can see what the changes will look like. And you’ll receive a detailed action plan with tips and guidelines on what to do next.

The result will be clear, engaging and accurate client content that lets you reach more clients and convert web browsing to bookings and sales.

Be the business that clients will choose when they search ‘(Your business category) near me.’
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