Web Copy Audit

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Web Copy Audit

Why do a Web Copy Audit?

A Web Copy Audit is a simple and effective way to:

  • see how easy it is for your customers to use your website
  • work out what needs to happen to make your copy convert browsers into customers and
  • establish a plan to get it done.

How it works

  1. I do deep dive into your two most important web pages – Home and About.
  2. You receive an objective and detailed review of your branding and what your website says about you and your business.
  3. Your Client Clarity statement is assessed
  4. The User Experience is reviewed
  5. The Readability of the text is assessed
  6. any Tech issues are identified, and
  7. You walk away with a clear understanding of what steps you need to take to get your copy converting browsers to buyers.

Web Copy Audits are a vital step in creating better web copy.

Good decision. Let’s get that website singing again!

Yes! I would like a Web Copy Audit

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