Web Copy Check-Up

Wondering why your website isn’t creating sales?

Is Your Web Copy Doing its Job?

If your website isn’t converting to bookings, perhaps:

    • your content isn’t up to date or engaging
    • it’s laid out in a way that doesn’t make sense to your ideal customer
    • it’s not clear what you are offering your clients.

There are zillion websites out there all competing with yours, and being heard above all that marketing ‘noise’ is hard. That’s where my Web Copy Check-up comes in.

A Web Copy Check-up is a simple and effective way to start the process of updating your website. A professional (that’s me) reads your key web pages and gives you an objective and detailed review of your branding. I also look at what your website says about you and your business. The sorts of questions I ask during this process are: Does it sound like you? Does it showcase everything you have to offer your clients? Does it convert browsers to buyers?

Marie Alafaci business writerHow it works

When you book a Web Copy Check up I do a deep dive into your two most important web pages: Home and About.

I look at how to:

    • make your messaging clearer and more effective
    • help more of your potential customers find your business when they search online
    • bring consistent branding and tone of voice to your copy.

…all of which help convert more browsers to buyers.


Be the business that clients will choose when they search ‘(Your business category) near me.’

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