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Wondering why your website isn’t creating sales?

Is Your Web Copy Doing its Job?Marie Alafaci business writer

If your website isn’t converting to bookings, perhaps:

  • your content isn’t up to date or engaging
  • it’s laid out in a way that doesn’t make sense to your ideal customer
  • it’s not clear what you are offering your clients.

That’s where my Web Copy Check-Up comes in.

Why do a Web Copy Check-Up?

When you book a Web Copy Check-Up I do a deep dive into how to:

    • make your messaging clearer and more effective
    • help more of your potential customers find your business when they search online
    • bring consistent branding and tone of voice to your copy.

…all of which help convert more browsers to buyers.

Yes! I need a Web Copy Check-Up!

Standing out in a crowded market

There are zillion websites out there all competing with yours, and being heard above all that marketing ‘noise’ is hard.

A Web Copy Check-Up is a simple and effective way to:

  • see how your website compares to the leaders in your industry
  • work out what needs to happen to make your copy convert browers into customers
  • establish a plan to get it done.

How it works


We start with you telling me what you like and don’t like about your two most important web pages – Home and About. We discuss what you want to achieve, how you want to reader to feel when they visit and what you want them to do.

I then read those pages and give you an objective and detailed review of your branding.

I also look at what your website says about you and your business. Questions I ask include:

  • Does your web copy sound like you?
  • Does it showcase everything you have to offer your clients?
  • Does it convert browsers to buyers?

Ready to be the business that clients will choose when they search ‘(Your business category) near me’?

Book a Web Copy Check-Up today.


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