Which word where?

Clear writing requires a strong understanding of what you’re writing, who it’s for and what outcomes you are hoping for. But it also requires an understanding of how the language works.

In this full-day workshop you will learn how to identify issues with your writing and practice ways to improve your work before publication. You will also work on case studies and are welcome to bring examples from your own business or personal projects.

You will discover techniques to enhance clear writing and how to deal effectively with confusing words.

You will also work through how correct grammar and punctuation can have a direct impact on your business success.

Your Investment

Full-day workshop (at your site)
$1,200 for up to 10 participants​

What you provide

  • Workshop room
  • Data projector and internet access
  • Release time for employees to complete their workshop

What I provide

  • All training materials
  • Delivery of workshop
  • Evaluation of workshop​
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